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Career Academy Success Program

Workface Career Academy Training Courses in Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Bookkeeping Beginners to Advanced CertificateKick Start or Reinvent Your Career with the Career Academy Success Program

IF YOU ARE AN EZYLEARN STUDENT who has enrolled in our Business, Xero, Excel, MYOB or Digital Marketing online training courses with 12-month or LIFETIME Course access, you are entitled to receive access to our Career Academy Success Program which includes the Workface Career Academy Workbook to help you find work or advance your career.

The Career Academy Success Program comprises a comprehensive, detailed and fun-to-work-through program that takes you through the steps to getting paid for the new skills you have acquired.

How to get the job you want

find work as a bookkeeper packaging bookkeeping servicesThe free Career Academy Success Program contains real-life case study examples, checklists and questions you can answer to improve your self-confidence and narrow down the list of jobs you ideally want and are suited to. We provide you with insight into what employers are looking for and what skills and attributes you can hone that will make you more employable.

Careers advice

Many of our students undertake our online training courses because they are starting their careers, contemplating changing careers or want further career advancement. The Career Academy Success Program sets out the career options available in Australia, where the work is and what you can do to give yourself the best chance of employment in a new career.

It shows you how to create a personalised Career Plan, as brief or detailed as you like, to keep you on track.

The employment process

Our Career Academy Success Program outlines the process that job seekers go through to find a new job, namely:

  • Creating, updating and fleshing out a professional resume — including how to provide relevant and demonstrable examples
  • Understanding what YOU are seeking in this job and what other factors are important to you (for example, work-life balance or managing competing priorities in your life with your work, looking at what opportunities there are for career development etc.)
  • Realising the future opportunities for growth available in selected industries
  • How to write covering letters and emails that will stand out and show off some of your personality while still remaining professional

There is also:

  • How to effectively research the business or employer before making phone contact
  • How to conduct yourself in a telephone job interview
  • How to present yourself at a face-to-face interview for a job
  • Tips from employers about what they look for in job candidates
  • How to negotiate a salary package
  • Tips on how to get off to the best start in your new job.

Demystifying the job search process

Looking for a new job is not something any of us do all that often. It is particularly daunting if you have been out of the workforce for several years for whatever reason — including raising a family, caring for an elderly or sick relative, redundancy, or recovering from illness or injury.

Many people, even if they’ve been in constant employment, are unfamiliar with how much the job seeking landscape has changed with the internet and advent of LinkedIn and other social media, not only for advertising jobs but for advertising oneself. The way people search for jobs is changing all the time and many people use a combination of methods to find work and get in contact with prospective employers.

The Career Academy Success Program outlines some of these methods and their effectiveness; including gleaning the job websites and newspapers, the power of LinkedIn, using a recruitment agency and attending network events and using referrals.

Our Career Academy Success Program gives you clear advice on how to win work and find a job that will suit you and your circumstances.

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Further content ideas and suggestions?

We are always adding new real-life case studies and scenarios to our learning experience. We invite you to get in touch if you have other content you’d like to see. Let us draw on our industry experience and do the research and interviewing to provide you with more relevant, high quality, educational material.


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Remember, this Career Academy Success Program is now available through our Learning Management System to ALL current and past EzyLearn students (from Jan 2013) who’ve ever done a course with EzyLearn.

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